Sunday, March 18, 2018

What's Your Soul Cooking Up?

Like a chef, the soul uses thoughts, beliefs, memories, past actions and words like recipe ingredients to create experiences we "digest" and enjoy with our senses. Imagine the soul blending these ingredients to create your experiences that arise directly from your inner world. At the table of life, our experiences are shared with the experiences of others. Whether we enjoy all of soul's offerings is entirely up to us. 

The more connected we are to our soul, we see our influence on our experience in an obvious way. We're a little like a sous chef in a busy kitchen with a big responsibility to make sure we create a good base for what we are serving. Our soul actually wants us to connect with it so it can create more meaningful (and delicious!) experiences for us, beyond duality and struggle. Connecting to our inner world creates a life that feels much more "us," nuanced with daily delights, ease, and abundance that feels decadent and deserved. 

The soul always creates from where we are on our evolutionary path, producing situations and experiences that will help us see where we are and what we are here to learn. It's to our advantage to join forces with our soul because we gain more creative freedom over our life. 

Duality is an important part of our evolutionary journey but it's only a sliver of possibility compared to what our soul is capable of creating for us. 

Duality and drama go hand in hand. A thought can either help free us from duality or get caught up in it like a fly in a spider's web. Paying attention to the stories we hear, tell ourselves and get entangled in is a first step toward gaining awareness about duality. If elements such as good vs. bad ("She's more talented than I am."); a win over a loss ("He stole my parking spot!"); a success compared to a failure ("Not fair he got promoted and I didn't."); a right or a wrong ("I can't believe she's having an affair!"), are part of the story, then the illusion of duality is in play. 

By believing our job "sucks" or when we constantly see how our partner isn't measuring up, we aren't providing soul with fresh ingredients to make a palatable experience. Soul has no choice but to make the same tired meal, like another mind numbing day at the office, for example.  

Give the soul its favorite themes and universal values to work with like love, joy, beauty, inspiration, truth, acceptance, abundance, gratitude or creativity, and soul will surprise you. 

Soul is generous and really does its best work when it uses our heartfelt intentions to create. 

In the corporate job I had, it bothered me that people constantly asked me to help with their Photoshop needs. I wanted to be a team player but I resented the time it took. A few intentions went a long way toward creating a better situation. The first was acceptance. When I accepted the situation (what soul was creating for me in that moment), then soul created better opportunities for me. Although they were challenging, I felt gratitude for recognition and compensation. I saw that sharing my creativity benefitted not only me, but my colleagues. Soul then inspired me to train others which created more freedom for all of us. It didn't happen overnight, but it did happen with my awareness. 

We must always follow-up on soul's guidance and be grateful for it. 

"Be Who You Are," the artwork above, reflects my belief that our human body is a bridge to a vast inner world where soul lives. We are the embodiment of this creator. Going within can be as simple as spending 15 to 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to reflect, journal, connect with your breath, or to meditate. This is food for the soul. 

Infinitely creative, the soul uses all of who we are (including the parts of us we don't like) to create our interactions and conversations, to nudge us toward our seeing as soul does. The soul never judges us and will repeat experiences until we learn lessons we are meant to. 

It's not useful to compare ourselves to others. We each have our own specially designed "tasting menu" of lifetime lessons. When soul delivers challenges, it is always so we may grow in love, trust and joy.

Difficult personalities we encounter are opportunities to see and accept our human nature contains duality (i.e., love and hate, courage and fear, esteem and shame). We are a collective of people that contain all possibilities, including the compassion to recognize pain that underlies hate, fear and shame. As spiritual beings we have the capacity to accept, forgive and love beyond what makes us human and fallible and imperfect. 

Food made with love is better and so is reality when it's created with soul's universal values. Going within to connect with your soul guarantees a life that is worthy of your five-star rating. What will you and your soul cook up next?

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