Monday, December 18, 2017

Breaking the Surface

"Breaking the Surface," 48"x48", $2,500
Soul creates my reality with everything I am. My intentions and perceptions, history and memories, my wishes and illusions are all complex layers that are woven to create each moment. It's up to me to see reality for what it is—opportunity. 

Relationships, conversations and situations provide experiences to learn and grow, to forgive, to connect, to love and to experience joy. It isn't always easy, but it is simple. "Breaking the Surface" is a celebration of this idea.

The more I see my own good and bring more love and patience to aspects of my personality that need these qualities, the more I see the good in others. Compassion, acceptance and inclusiveness expand. Co-creation with my soul becomes possible. 

Soul invites grace to show me truth—I am the space where reality is taking shape. And, it's an abundant place—full of beauty, grace, creativity and possibility. Soul says it's for me—go ahead, enjoy it. 

So I do and I'm grateful. 

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