Tuesday, October 24, 2017

What Is Waking Up Inside of You?

This new piece, "Portal" came as a surprise to me. Actually, it was the figure that appeared that was the biggest unexpected, but had the most to say. 

It's one of my first artworks since becoming a full-time artist again.

One of my intentions in beginning a new life in Portland, Oregon is to trust more fully in myself and the inspiration I receive. 

In the past, most of my artwork has begun with a sketch followed by a detailed drawing that served as a map for the Telamadera Fusion process I created. 

Lately, I'm feeling the need to wing it and see what the muse brings.

"Portal" began with paint saturated paper towels I adhered with heavy gel medium to give the canvas some texture. Every subsequent brush stroke, finger painting, paint drip, water spray, fabric and paper piece and charcoal mark came about organically as I asked my heart what would make it happy. 

In essence I followed Joseph Campbell's famous words, "Follow your bliss," from one moment to the next and the process was joyful.

After a few days of working on it, I thought I'd created an abstract painting that I was pleased with. That's when SHE entered the picture with something to say.

Since I thought I was about done, I was going to paint the edges of the canvas when I saw an opening appear—like a doorway. Then I saw the outline of a woman waking up from a beautiful dream. 

Once she came to life in my imagination and on the canvas, she spoke to me. "There's a way into creating any dream you want," she said. That's when I added a bit of gold paint in her hand and in the portal and most importantly, near her heart.

The gold is a symbol for the light within each of us. Following our light expands what's possible.  

The words on the canvas are, "The portal opened when I woke up." It was the next thing my heart wanted, to give the woman in the painting a voice of her own. 

Inspiration made me aware of what has longed to wake up inside of me—the freedom to be myself, to say and create what I want, to dream and to bring the dream to life. May it be filled with adventure!

In this moment, what is waking up inside of you? What joy is in the portal of your  heart? What dream lives there—inside of you? 


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What Is Waking Up Inside of You?