Sunday, October 1, 2017

3 Ways to Influence Your Reality

Listening to the Soul

“A little to the right, dear," says my soul. "More imagination! I’m creating a masterpiece here!” 

Soul paints my physical existence on a life sized canvas that is so very small, yet important, she tries to convince me.

"Speak your truth!" she insists.

Easy for her to say. She's invisible. I'm the easy target for ridicule. Using the creative, right side of my brain to share with you how she and I chat is, a little terrifying. 

People will think I'm crazy, I argue with my soul. If I take that risk, I want to know, what's in it for me?

"More inspiration!" she screams. 

You know those people who are annoyingly loud?

Soul creates reality through us. Each of us—our thoughts, feelings, sensory experiences, beliefs and memories, is a filter through which soul creates. There are ways to influence the output by connecting and listening to the soul and acting on inspiration. Go to the list below if you need to know how right now.

It's not always easy to do things my soul directs me to do. Like telling you I hear her in the fruit section of the grocery store sometimes (she made me say that). She's prodded me to do all kinds of uncomfortable things that led to even better experiences. For example, showing my art publicly, then writing a book about it which led to teaching at art retreats. She created a whole art world for me to play in with like-minded creative souls.

Later, to help pay for our children's college, I went for it and got a corporate job (so scary!). So many more doors opened, like producing and editing videos. It was challenging and I grew. The friends I made—amazing. Living in San Francisco—magic. Then, soul came calling again. It was time to quit that well-paying job to get back to art and writing (even scarier!). 

Soul likes to up the ante. Gives soul more to create with, which translates to more opportunities. Soul always creates for our good and the good of all. But how do you know your soul is calling? How do you know when to act on inspiration that's encouraging a change or the pursuit of a new idea?

You know soul is behind an idea when it makes you feel very excited, particularly in the area of your heart. It feels full with possibility. But then almost immediately after, you feel terrified as you think about taking action on that idea. Soul loves ideas that bring out your brave. Self-doubt and, thinking about the reasons why an inspired idea is bad, are indicators that you received inspiration worth considering. 

Soul wants you to trust, which isn't easy. There are no guarantees of success. It helps to remind ourselves that—we're here to learn, to move past fear, to be our own champion and to embrace change. And, we don't need to jump into action the second an inspiring idea hits. DO acknowledge you're listening though. Your soul will notice if you say, "Thanks!" and will offer more help. 

I loved the idea of my own art book (inspiration!), but I wasn't sure if I wanted to share my art technique (insecurity). I stayed open and soul offered me an idea—to reach out to a published artist I admired and respected.  This artist encouraged me to go for it and reminded me that when we say yes to opportunities, more come our way. 

Not Listening to the Soul
When I don't listen to my soul and I'm caught up in the To Do's of life, I feel anxious and purposeless. Something important is missing. Gratefully, soul can be persistent. Pulling on my heart strings repeatedly about making a change is a soul tactic I appreciate. I know soul means business when I can't stop thinking of an inspired idea I've put on the back burner.
What not-so-logical but cool idea has come your way lately? What inspiration is on hold in your life? Soul is making a house call. Are you ready to open the door?

3 Ways to Influence Your Reality

Soul creates through you 24/7. To be a reality influencer you want soul to know you want to play too. You want soul to know you're grateful for an opportunity to create and you're willing to take intentional actions for your good and the good of everyone. A solid foundation with your soul is key. Here are 3 ways to influence your reality:

1. Meditate Every Day

DON'T focus on your breath if the dialogue in your head is uber chatty like mine is. DO repeat a mantra quietly to yourself. This gives your brain a focused activity (for you doers out there). While the brain is busy, you can connect to an underlying calm that is a part of your soul. The more you connect, the clearer the inspiration you'll receive. You're on your way to listening to your soul.
I like the Hindu mantra, Sat Chit Ananda which means, Truth (absolute and never changing), Consciousness and Bliss (my fave). This ancient, tried and true mantra focuses your brain on tenets of the soul. Soul will appreciate where your mind is and will take notice. 

To Do: Set your phone timer for five minutes when you wake up and just sit up in bed to say and repeat the mantra to yourself. Work up to ten minutes. When inspired ideas come your way, remember—say yes!

2. Say Thank You Daily

There are plenty of experiences I don't like in my reality. Like today, when I walked my dog and a driver nearly hit us rushing around a corner. But, there's lots to be grateful for as well. That same driver stopped in time—thank you, soul, I really like being here! Seriously, if you can focus on five things in your reality that you're grateful for, soul will notice and bring you so much more of what makes you feel grateful—custom made to bring you joy.
For example: I'm grateful for inspiration I received for this blog post and for the feeling of fulfillment as I write it; I'm grateful to share ideas with you that have helped me;  I'm grateful for time to pursue my creativity and, for a soul that speaks loudly. 

3. Set Your Intention

Want to have more influence over what your soul creates through you? Use POWERHOUSE KEY INTENTIONS like love, peace, beauty, joy, truth, compassion, creativity and abundance. Let these intentions be your motivation before you do anything. Soul will notice if you take a moment to check with your heart about your motivations.

Short story: I made a series of fifteen artworks I thought would sell at a show. The art had Feng Shui motifs that were popular at the time. I was motivated by the money I'd make. I sold only one piece titled, "Journey Home," an older piece I included at the last minute inspired by my soul and her CREATIVITY and the BEAUTY of where I lived. It also held a TRUTH from my heart. I painted salmon returning to their birthplace as a metaphor of my return to my soul. Creating this piece connected me to LOVE I feel within. I got my soul's message loud and clear—a key intention is golden and brings with it greater support.

To consider: before you take action, even saying something to someone, stop and check in with your heart. Be honest with your motivations and set a key intention. For example, my intention as I write this blog post is to share ways to expand love, creativity, joy and abundance for you.

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