Sunday, July 29, 2018

How San Francisco Girl Got Flowers In Her Hair

San Francisco Girl With Flowers In Her Hair © Alma Art©

San Francisco Girl meditated for years.

One day as she sat in silence with her eyes closed, she watched her thoughts…

I should make art with dust bunnies! 
I really need hot pink roller skate brake pads! 

Despite her enthusiasm, San Francisco Girl remained still, and a long, awesome, peaceful feeling came over her. 

The warm fuzzies made her feel accepted for who she is—in all her woo-wooness and magical thinking. She felt cherished, even though she laughs inappropriately at times (like when babies fall down on their bum). She even felt appreciated for illegal stuff, like graffiti she loves to spray during a New Moon.

It felt rad to be loved like that.

Suddenly, from the inky dark behind her eyes, in the space between San Francisco Girl’s thoughts, a flower of inspiration emerged. As she watched it, it too watched her from a single eye at its center. 

San Francisco Girl heard the Lotus Flower is a symbol for enlightenment, but the flower of inspiration in her mind’s eye was less fancy than a Lotus and more like a doodle anyone could make. 

This must mean I’m not yet enlightened, she thought. 

The eye of the flower of inspiration intensified its gaze. 

“What are you trying to say?” San Francisco Girl asked.

The eye of the flower of inspiration looked up and San Francisco Girl elevated her focus. As she did this, a tiny, glowing silver tendril descended from the darkness above—then another, and another. Like beams of light, the fragile threads illuminated San Francisco Girl from within. She felt so beautiful and whole.

The eye of the flower winked at her.

When San Francisco Girl got up to stretch her legs, she smoothed her groovy bell bottoms and caught a glimpse of herself in the full length mirror across the room. Her breath caught.

Flowers took root in the space between her thoughts, and big blooms flowed from the crown of her head in retro colors she adored! 

"I feel even more me!" She swooned, and then she did a sweet disco move.

You see, the mirror reflected back who she really is. 

From that moment on she knew she wanted to be called San Francisco Girl With Flowers In Her Hair because she was super grateful to have more of herself to love. 

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